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Positivity Practice- The Three's

The Three's

If you look at any person who preaches anything about a positive mindset, goal setting, self-improvement, etc.. one of the subjects many of them have in common is practicing an attitude of gratitude. I dig it. When we remember the little things that we're grateful for, it makes life feel a little more cheery. But, in my opinion, what good is gratitude if I'm not feeling like any of it has to do with me, and even if some of this has to do with me-- what good is anything if I'm feeling down on myself? And how do I move forward with my desires and goals if none of that is lined up?

So, I started a practice a few years ago. I called it "The Three's".

Each night, in a plain journal I write:

  • three things I'm GRATEFUL for

  • three things I appreciate about myself

  • three ways I added value that day

  • three desires I have for my life

In terms of gratitude, I think of anything I'm currently thankful for, from technology that allowed me to communicate with my BFF back home in MN, the fact that I had a lot of choices of tasty food, the weather... etc. This part was easy for me to think about, and within probably a day, it was extremely apparent that even on the crappiest of days, I had so much to be grateful for.

It took a little while for me to feel comfortable including the three things I appreciate about myself... (a different post for a different day).. but I jot down whatever makes me happy to be me for the day: "I had a great hair day", "I am really understanding". Stuff like that.

After reading Kate Northrup's book "Money, a Love Story", I incorporated the ways I had added value to the world- even if it was just my small world. (Per Kate's recommendation, purposely adding value to your world allows you to receive more abundance). This could be something as simple as giving a compliment or making someone smile. Noting three ways I added value helps me to recognize where I'm being helpful and spending my energy, but it also makes me more conscious of putting in that effort to add value-- after all, my journal would be blank if I didn't. can't have that :)

I finish this practice by adding in three desires. I usually try to put in a short term desire, a long term desire, and something in between. Sometimes they have to do with my personal goals, some are more oriented around fun stuff, like trips or experiences.

I try my best to journal like this each day. If I can't journal, I try to take a minute to consciously think about each of these points of focus. And plus, it's fun to record this stuff because I like to look back at the different ways I've added value, reminders to myself about my worth, and to see what desires I had for my life and which ones have come true!

Even starting with one of each, or three in one category, will bring a focus on how good life really is. If we have the time to read a blog on a computer anywhere, there's plenty to be grateful for.



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